Why Orthodoxy Is True (A Quick Summary)

A friend recently asked me why I choose to believe that Orthodoxy is true, and how I could be so bold to say that other denominations are wrong or, at the very least do not have the fulness of the truth that Orthodoxy claims to possess.

So here is a (very) brief answer to that friend’s question.

Why Orthodoxy Is True

When we look at the first several centuries of the church, we are looking at the undivided East/West Church. Whether you’re Orthodox or Catholic, everybody pretty much agrees that that one Church is the Church for roughly the first seven councils/thousand years.

When we understand how they practiced Christianity and we look at the councils and the canons, we can see that that’s the Christianity of those centuries and in essence it does not change. The Faith that the Apostles handed down is essentially the same thing that’s being stated, explicated, solidified and clarified for the next 7 centuries.

That’s one way to know which is the True Church.

Now…if you mean what is the true religion at all…

I would say that Orthodox Christianity is the fulfillment of a lot of the Old Testament prophecies (prophecies about Christ’s birth, the conditions, the ruling empire, things that would transpire, his ministry, his life, his death, his resurrection).

Other world religions have fundamental problems in their epistemology and their metaphysics that negates them as being religions that can ground the possibility of knowledge at all (see the Transcendental Argument).

That’s all I am putting for this post. Next I plan to write out in detail why/how I am journeying into Orthodoxy.

For now, God bless.



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